June 15, 2021

3D lenticular keyrings provide the cutest solution for keeping your keys safe. The flip effect through lenticular imagery gives these keyrings a stunning look that distinguishes them from the ordinary keyrings. Apart from being used as a way of keeping someone’s keys safe, the 3D lenticular keyrings, which is a product of Lenticular Printing, can also be used as personalized gifts. Actually, they are some of the best gift Ideas that one can give to their loved ones.

By using the flip effect of lenticular imagery, we then get the ability to have two personalized lenticular images in the keyring so that the images keep on changing when tilted due to the Lenticular Flip effect. Psychologically, using more than one personalized image on a gift, makes a loved one to feel more cherished and thought of. Lastly, you should not be afraid about polluting the environment with TwenT3’s 3d lenticular keyrings. We normally use 75 LPI lenticular lenses, to ensure they are Eco Friendly Products.