< Lenticular Business Card 3D Effect or Flip Effect

April 28, 2022

3D Business Cards: The Must-Have for every Business Today 

Just think of the many people who accept your business card out of politeness but as soon as they reach the office or home, they discard it to the trash bin. The reason is that your cards have nothing unique about them. The information upon it might be valuable but not interesting enough for them to want to keep the card.

With the growing importance of networking these days, you must use a different and more effective method that sets you apart. There is a way to prevent this unwanted situation. In comes the spectacular 3D business cards! With our custom lenticular business cards, your contacts will not only retain the card but more than likely contact you to close a deal, or use your services.

Having a good business card is definitely a plus for your business, but getting one that is truly unique makes a bigger difference. Lenticular business cards are perfect when you want to show your potential clients what you have to offer in terms of services or products. The 3D technology we use allows you to incorporate photos and images into your unique lenticular business cards.

Grab the attention of customers by combining, on a single 3D business card, your personal contact details along with multiple images to market your merchandize or the services you offer. We specialize in creating eye-catching business cards that will be conveniently carried inside a wallet or purse. These will continually act as a reminder of what you offer and what your business stands for. 

Our 3D business cards are not only vital for businesses, they are also conveniently portable and cost-effective. They can convey lots of information for networking purposes yet fit in places like your pocket, purse or on a desk. Nowadays, the best deals are made when you are on the go; when you unexpectedly meet a potential client. This is when you need a custom 3D business card that can also display images of your products.

Whether your business requires a more standard business card or a sleek and unique one like a lenticular 3D card, we have them all. We want you to show off something unique when meeting potential clients; cards that remain etched in their minds. Our collection of cards is vast to ensure that you get something that matches your business and brand.

The use of lenticular business cards nowadays plays a vital role in growing your business when it comes to getting new clients and retaining the old ones. 3D lenticular cards are interesting, appealing and can be excellent conversation starters. They are suitable on the go yet contain the necessary business information you need to market your business successfully.

Business cards are ranked high when it comes to effective marketing tools, especially when meeting new potential clients. It not only makes the first impression on potential clients but also helps in brand retention among your existing clients.

Every time your retained clients or customers flip through their wallet or card holder, your personalized 3D business card reminds them of your brand, company, services or products. We specialize in creating unique card designs that are guaranteed to get you easily noticed and recognized. We'll work with you to develop durable and unique business cards that set you apart!

Today, business is all about networking and connecting, and nothing could be better than 3D business cards! Not only will you make a lasting first impression, but with unique custom lenticular business cards, it may become easier to get the attention of the potential client and seal a deal faster.  At TwenT3, we want to help you stand out and be unique.

If you're stuck for artwork for your business card, you can task our expert team of card designers to come up with unique designs for your lenticular 3D business cards that will be attention-grabbing and that also fits your business model.  If you are short of ideas, we can propose several and leave you to make the final selection. Our goal is to ensure that the best business cards are designed for you!

The customers of today are very informed and special efforts are needed if you are to impress them or grab their attention. If you are to succeed in capturing their undivided attention, you need something spectacular such as lenticular business cards. We design these cards in such a way that the holder’s attention gets captured by the effect of the swapping images or 3D effect of the image used.

In the first encounter with a potential customer, nothing can compare to the effect of 3D business cards from TwenT3. The 3D effect is not only spectacular but also has an enduring appeal. Clients are likely to retain and even display your lenticular business cards on their desks.

Business cards are probably the easiest and most effective way of sharing your contact and business information with others. The long-established tradition of exchanging cards at business conferences and other types of networking events is known to help in establishing more solid relationships between business people. 3D Business cards also make it easy for customers to get in touch faster whenever they need to.

While the standard business card could be as effective, for your important networking events, you need something more like lenticular business cards. Whether it is a trade fair, a conference or that random encounter at the grocery store with a prospect, you will make a bigger impact when you present customised 3D business cards. And that is the TwenT3 specialty!

Whether you are running a chic, casual or sophisticated business, we have the kind of business cards that will positively impact your interactions with current and potential clients. TwenT3 is committed to creating 3D business cards that are not only appealing but fairly cost-effective too.

The beginning and maintenance of a stellar reputation determines on how far your business will go. Every business wants to thrive and eventually scale. We want to give you a classic and unique way of doing this and selling your business to all potential prospects. We are talking about a way to ensure you are among the memorable businesses when an opportunity comes up with a potential client.

Our 3D business cards have gained a formidable reputation among our customers by greatly boosting sales and their clientele base.  Be different from the others with customized lenticular business cards that are a true reflection of what your business stands for. You can choose from our mini or our standard sized cards or allow our team to help in the designing process. Our experts are always ready to listen to your ideas. Get in touch with us today!