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Want to capture the unforgettable feeling of "YOUR" party? Why not look at green screen party hire? TwenT3’s green screen photo booth will make your event an unforgettable experience. We want you to experience something a bit different, so if you are intending on throwing a Birthday, Wedding, Bar - Bat Mitzvah or Business event's and want a new and exciting experience to add to your event then you need TwenT3’s “Event green screen photo booth hire and photography Party Entertainment

Below is a before and after image using our photo booth rental software and also some examples of backdrops you could use in your event or party, Paris, Las Vagas or even "Starsky and Hutch" car backdrop the choice is up to you.



Experience and enjoy our fun images, ideal for children - teenage parties, and hen/stag nights, corporate events etc. Our fun images are great fun for adults and kids of all ages. Children or adults can get in front of the green screen and pose “with or without their friends” for the camera, we will take their photo, then they will have the choice of a backdrop to choose from, a jungle scene, space scene, aqua scene whatever you choose or if there is a specific theme you have in mind we will provide the appropriate image. Everyone will receive their very own framed 2D or 3D image to take home with them at the end of the night. 

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Please note party accessories and props may differ from the images below. Specific props can be requested upon request.

We will arrive 1 hour before your event officially starts to set up all our equipment listed below:

  • Lighting equipment
  • Nikon Camera x2
  • Green Screen and stand
  • Laptop
  • Citizen Dye Sublimation Printer
  • Tripod
  • Green Screen Removal Software
  • Themed Backdrop

But most of all a fun TwenT3 green screen party experience


  • We require 13 amp power points
  • Wifi internet access
  • At least 3x3m space for set up
  • Large table for equipment



 Yellow Package:                                       Yellow Package:

 3 hours based on Max: 50 children  (£250)             3 hours based on Max: 50 children  (£500) 

  Blue Package:                                         Blue Package: 

 3 hours based on Max: 60 children  (£350)            3 hours based on Max: 60 children  (£600) 

  Red Package:                                          Red Package: 

 3 hours based on Max: 80 children  (£425)            3 hours based on Max: 80 children  (£800) 


Green screen entertainmentgreen screen          


Our green screen partyentertainment is also fun for adults, whether your having an office party, corporate event, hen night or stag do, or just for fun, get in front of the green screen photo booth and give your best pose for the camera, then choose the backdrop you want and we will give you and your guests an “experience” they will remember for a long time with their own personalised 2D or 3D fun framed photo.



 Yellow Package:                                                        Yellow Package:

£150 set up fee based on 3 hours: + £10 a photo per person          £150 set up fee based on 3 hours: + £12 a photo per person     

 Blue Package:                                                                        Blue Package:

£400 based on 3 hours Max 50 people                                            £600 based on 3 hours Max 50 people           

 Red Package:                                                                        Red Package:

£640 based on 3 hours Max 80 people                                           £960 based on 3 hours Max 80 people



  • Additional cost will occur for additional framed prints on the night (£10 for 2D print or £12 for 3D print per person)
  • We also provide the guest with a photo-book and USB key with all the event images as a extra memento of the evening
  • If you require additional framed 2D or 3D green screen photo's of the event please email us HERE


  • All bookings must be made at least 2 weeks in advance of the event for 2D packages or 4 weeks in advance for 3D packages. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to ensure a secure booking.
  • This service is available within London, Kent, and surrounding areas. Any bookings made outside of this region will incur additional charges.


  • When standing in front of green screen PLEASE NOTE all that is green will be removed from the final process ( Please ensure you DO NOT wear GREEN when taking your photo )

PLEASE contact us first if you would like us to tailor make you a package, to inquire more about this service or to reserve a booking for your next event.