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Backlit Photo Frames - Lightbox Posters

Backlit photo frame - Lightbox Posters

Design your own custom lenticular backlit framed lightbox photo & poster. Illuminate your wall, passage, and even your bedside tables with a stunning lightbox framed photo or backlit poster using your photos, artwork, and images.
  • Effects available. Flip, 3D, Animation, Zoom
  • 40, 50, 60, 62, 75 Lpi PET Lenticular Lens
  • Durable and Robust
  • Use High-Resolution Images (Recommended 300 dpi)
  • NOTE: We recommend that you add a 2mm bleed to your artwork
Illuminate your space with our captivating backlit lightbox posters. Explore the dynamic world of lenticular backlit posters online, combining striking visuals with cutting-edge technology. Elevate your message with our customizable backlit poster light box solutions, creating a vibrant and eye-catching display that leaves a lasting impression. Unleash brilliance with us.