About Us

We ensure we use the best quality lenticular lense substrate and keep up to date with the latest 3D lenticular software to ensure we always produce the best quality image. TwenT3 is unique because we only produce personalised and custom made product's for all our customers. Lenticular has been around for a long time and there are many lenticular companies out there that produce lenticular product's. TwenT3 is the only company that produce all our products with that customised touch for all our customers following their personalised requirements.

From an idea a friend and i had to create a different kind of picture that would be just a little bit different and save space in the process we have come a long way in producing lenticular images. The idea was to have a product where a customer could choose there own photo's and style/s of image they wanted and for it to be personalised and bespoke to them and only them. We are now seeing 3D technology being used more frequently in smart tv's and more and more in cinema, and our vision is to bring 3d lenticular into everyone's home.