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About TwenT3's Green Screen party entertainment hire

Are you planning a party but unable to figure out some fantastic party entertainment ideas? While you must have decided on the food, drinks and décor and so much more, you need to have some plans for the entertainment that will raise the fun at your event or party. At the same time, it is important to keep things within your budget so that you will not regret your choices later. If you are throwing a party in Kent london or the surrounding areas, then look no further than TwenT3 for some cool party entertainment that will make your one an occasion for all your guests to remember. Nowadays, whether it’s a wedding ceremony with close friends and family, or a corporate event with a large number of attendees, the event is incomplete without the moments being eternalized in photographs. And what better than a greescreen photo booth type party to make your event pictures epic and oh-so-cool!  If you use social media regularly, you must have figured out that photo booths have become a common fixture in weddings, parties and social gatherings.

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TwenT3 provides an awesome greenscreen photo booth experience that is different from your ordinary booths and offers a great deal of versatility and choice. If you want to sprinkle a bit of extra fun in your party entertainment,then our photo booth party rental service is the perfect choice for you. With our green screen photo booth, you will get pictures of yourself and your friends to take home with you, and to make it even more cool and quirky and personalised you have the choice of adding almost any type of backdrop or adding a customised text overlay of your choice. Yes, with our green screen photo booth you can be in front of a variety of destinations in the world, as you party away in where ever you decide to hold your special event.

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Suitable for Personal and Corporate Events

By hiring our party entertainment, you can shape the personality of your party and let your guests take away with them something worth cherishing. Your friends, guests and family can pose alone or with you in front of our green screen. Our screen is large enough to accommodate a large group of people who can all easily pose in front of it. Go silly or sassy with poses and let our professional camera man click away and take some awesome photos of your fantastic event. After taking a snaps, we will use photo manipulation software to replace the green backdrop with a backdrop of your choice. This makes our photo booth party rental a great party entertainment idea choice that can be utilized for personal as well as corporate events. TwenT3’s green screen service is ideal for kids and for adults alike so It will definitely be appreciated by both kids as well as grown-ups. At the end of the event, your guest will receive a framed 2D or 3D picture of themselves to take home as a little reminder of your awesome party.

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We Cover Everything for your Night

Our party entertainment hire is an end to end service, where we cover everything on the night right from the setup to providing your guests stunning 2D or 3D framed prints of the of the event or party. Our party entertainment includes complete setup of equipment that will be required to capture your pictures and manipulate the background with a digital image, and our highly professional team will be responsible for arranging the printing of all the pictures for you and all your guests on the night to take away with them. You need not worry about blurry pictures and shaky frames, as your picture will be captured by an expert photographer from our team. We request you to arrange ample space and Wi-Fi internet access at the venue for us to work with.

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We completely understand that you are putting in a great deal of effort to make your party interesting and worth remembering, so we also cover fabulous props for the evening. We bring props and accessories like quirky hats, funny wigs, fake mustache, etc to add some more fun into the pictures. If you need any specific props that will go well with your theme or other party entertainment ideas, then please mention that to us in advance so we can accommodate all of your requests so that we can make sure its a perfect night.

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Party entertainment ideasand plans have never been this easy to execute and yet still be very affordable. We provide a range of packages to suit everyone’s needs. The packages give you different choices based on whether you want to go for 2D or 3D lenticular pictures, the number of people you are expecting, etc. Our party entertainment ideas are not just a great element for parties meant for kids and adults, it also offers a great value addition for corporate events too. Transport your employees to the jungles of Amazon right here in the UK with the help of our green screen. Or let us incorporate your brand logo and relevant images to the backdrop and you can turn your guests into brand ambassadors for your business. At TwenT3, we love to innovate and maximize our customers’ satisfaction. Our experienced team will do a really great job of capturing moments and transforming them into mementos that everyone will love. So, make the most of the night with our party entertainment hire.

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Please Take Note

Green screen, also known as Chroma-key, lets you replace the green background with a digital image. You can use the green screen in many different ways to suit the purpose of your event. Transport your guests to Hollywood without leaving the UK at all. Enjoy endless possibilities with our ideas for party entertainment. Inform us about the theme of your party and we will arrange suitable images for the backdrop that will blend in with your theme. If you are in charge of planning a corporate event, then we can customize the backdrop images to include your brand name to suit your brand identity. Go creative with our party entertainment ideas,and leave an impact on the attendee.  

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Contact TwenT3 now to make a booking for your party. New year party, birthday bash or a hen-night, whatever be your plans, TwenT3 is there to help you make memories!. Also check out our gallery to see some of the amazing venues we have setup for green screen photo booth party entertainment