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April 24, 2023

Thanks to these unique 3D greeting card ideas, you never have to worry about finding the perfect gift anymore

With the abundance of communication avenues and devices today, there are endless ways of expressing our feelings to loved ones and friends. However, the truth is that nothing can beat a quality greeting card. It has the unique capability of bringing genuine cheer no matter the situation, event, or occasion. Here at TwenT3, our custom greeting cards have been designed by experts with the sole objective of helping you express your sincere feelings in a unique way, and they can be delivered anywhere in the UK.

Certain events may demand going the extra mile, and that is why we have put together a variety of unusual greeting cards that can be customised easily.  No matter the person or budget, high-quality cards from one of the best printing companies in the UK (TwenT3) will meet and exceed all of your expectations. Do you want to convey special messages to a family member, friend, or even co-workers? Well, you’re in the right place. These unique cards convey deep sentiments and show how much you care. Our experts at TwenT3 can help to customise greeting cards to suit diverse occasions, and our team is always ready to walk you through the entire process.

Because we understand what family and friends mean to you, we have mastered the art of creating unusual gifts that convey unique and special messages. Whether it’s an anniversary, birthday, wedding or any other social event, our unique cards are easily customisable to meet your budget and goals. Our unusual greeting cards help to express joy, gratitude, emotions, humour, sympathy, admiration, and love. They connect the sender and recipient on an emotional level, even when they are not in physical contact with each other.

Whether it’s an anniversary, a birthday, or an annual event, our innovative 3D cards will brighten up the day. In particular, the lenticular cards from TwenT3 capture the magic of the moment in a special way not to be forgotten soon. Not only do they bring the much-needed uniqueness, they also preserve those memories for future generations. The best and most lasting relationships are usually achieved starting with the smallest and simplest of things. That is why we have put together some amazing personalised gift ideas for you. Remembering someone who is marking a life milestone with something as simple as a customised anniversary card may not be a big thing in terms of cost, but the impact is huge.

A holiday greeting card sent through email may be a good idea, but it lacks the personal warmth conveyed by a customised lenticular card from TwenT3. If you want people to remember you for a long time, try sending them our uniquely designed seasonal greeting cards. These premium quality items will amaze your family members, friends, and colleagues. They will be compelled to look again and again, each time remembering and thanking you for your special thoughts. It becomes even better when the card has a 3D finish. The sheer effect of the lenticular alone is enough to have you placed in a special place in their hearts. Our unique greeting cards are not only beautiful and long-lasting but also cost-effective. In fact, we will work within your budget while ensuring that you only receive the best quality
products at a reasonable price.

Unique Greeting Card Ideas   

Receiving season’s greeting cards is something we all enjoy as they bring much cheer to the season. Even after the festive seasons are over, we can still display the personalised cards on an office desk, wall, or anywhere around the home. People will respond warmly when you send them unique greeting cards, and that is exactly what our printing services at TwenT3 hopes to help you accomplish. Our greeting card ideas are fit for any season, day, or person. These bespoke cards achieve much more than you could with a letter, email, or social media message.

Birthday and anniversary Cards with a 3D display

Can we afford to miss Father’s Day and Mother’s Day? Absolutely not! These and other anniversaries deserve the best, including birthdays. The good news is that our birthday cards fit that bill perfectly. They all come with a custom 3Ddesign that not only allows you to touch base with those far away, but it also reminds them that they remain on your mind.

If you know your spouse or a relative loves celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, why not become part of the fun and throw in a unique gift in the form of a customised greeting card? This will be appreciated by all, and most importantly, your unique gift will be preserved for longer. Unique cards with their messages of goodwill can lift the morale and cheer of friends and family alike. Sincere feelings expressed last longer and are much easier to understand when delivered on a birthday card than when done verbally. This year, avoid the standard card shop and go for something special like our unusual birthday cards, which are designed to touch the hearts of those receiving them, thanks to their unique design and 3D display.

Seasonal Greeting Cards

Giving gifts forms an integral part of our love, and a customised greeting cardis one way of giving. Who will not like the idea of receiving something truly unusual or unique gotten from one of the best lenticular printing companies in the UK? TwenT3’s lenticular cards are in a class of their own. When you send someone a season’s greeting card from our unique collection, you are in essence saying how much you care. Receiving one of our unique lenticular cards will forever be appreciated by anybody you decide to gift it to. It beats emails and social media messages hands down! 

When a loved one or friend sends us a greeting card, it touches us. We, in turn, also owe them a return gesture, and the best way is perhaps to send them an unusual gift. Yes, sending an email is okay, but that is likely to be forgotten soon in some folders. TwenT3’s 3D cards however, are designed to leave a huge impact through the sheer power of their uniqueness. You can also decide to be the proactive one and send people you care about a bespoke greeting card to remind them that they are always on your mind.

A personalised lenticular greeting card will also be kept for longer and not discarded like an ordinary greeting card. Birthdays for instance; receiving a personalised card with a premium 3D display will have more impact than any email could ever have. You are certainly making someone else happy, which contributes to the general good. We have talented people at TwenT3 who love designing beautiful and unique greeting cards that can be customised to meet your needs or the recipient you have in mind. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us today to get started!