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April 11, 2022

Are 3D lenticular business cardsthe new trend?

Your business cards design is a vital tool in terms of person-to-person marketing. It could be your only opening if you are to convince someone to buy into your idea. Unique business cards that stand out have a better chance of delivering your message faster and more convincingly. Designing such captivating business cards is what we do at TwenT3. When using business cards for marketing, they must be of the highest quality if they are to impress whoever comes across them. Whether your business is large or small, casual, sleek or just plain ordinary, customised business cards can make that vital impact.

Handing out a complimentary card has become an established tradition at networking events, conferences, trade shows, and so on. Even during one-on-one interactions, business cards help in establishing new business contacts and deals. A good business card should not just contain your name and contact details. It must also stand out. Our 3D lenticular printing services use the latest technology to produce outstanding 3D lenticular business cards that reflect your business’s specifics. We can help you create spectacular complimentary cards that match your brand. With the help of our top-quality know-how, we can create simply stunning cards. Our quality cards are also good at cementing relationships between professionals. Whatever your business goals, we are fully committed to partnering with you to ensure you get the possible best.

Every business person knows that one of the most effective ways of making and leaving a lasting impression is through a business card. However, to achieve that, you need something different from the standard business card. You need something spectacular like the TwenT3 3D lenticular business card. Our lenticular products are unlike anything you’ve ever seen! As you hold and rotate the 3D business cards made with lenticular technology, the image appears to rotate and change, displaying more than one image. This is an extremely useful feature, if you have multiple products to sell or market. Lenticular printing technology uses lenticular lenses to generate printed 3D images that are eye-catching. Our lenticular business cards create an illusion of movement that mesmerizes the cardholder. What better way of promoting your products or services than with our unique card designs? Once you hand out one of our custom-made cards with a 3D design to anyone, you immediately establish a lasting business connection.

TwenT3's 3D lenticular business cards aren't just for exchanging contact information; they're also great tools for promoting your business. Additionally, the recipient is more likely to hold onto a 3D custom-made card because they are more durable. Exchanging business cards is a common business practice, and your business cannot afford to be left behind. But today, everybody is dishing out dull and boring cards. You need to step up your game if you want to increase your company’s visibility.  At TwenT3, our design and printing experts use different frames to create unique lenticular animation business cards that are eye-catching. By allowing us to help you customise the 3D lenticular business cards, you are expanding your market reach, for they truly capture the attention of the viewers! Morphing images are not only quirky but also fun and definitely different. Our 3D lenticular printing services create unique personalised items by mixing up morphing images that are completely different. Our lenticular products that include 2 image flips or animation photo gifts are the ideal gift items for all!

We have been creating animation and morphing lenticular personalised items for many years, and we know what works. Our range of personalised business cards design is extremely broad to ensure what you get is absolutely unique and truly one of a kind. The 3D lenticular printing services you get from TwenT3 are second to none. Our customised prints are made using 20, 30, 40, 50, 75, or 100 LPI lenses, depending on the size. We use 40 and 60 lpi, which are ideal when you want 3D lenticular complimentary cards, displays, or POP signs. Choose from our extensive selection of packages and allow us to customise them for you as per your business needs. Our 3D lenticular printing services are cost-effective, yet you are assured of top-quality printed products. We can also produce custom-sized lenticular printing for your business cards or for any other business marketing product. You need business cards that will draw attention, and the TwenT3 team will ensure you get what your marketing teams need. Just visit our business cards page, make your choice, and leave the rest to us! Whether you want lenticular flip, morph, or animation business cards, our creative team is up to the task.

All our business cards are designed with the sole purpose of capturing the attention of the holder. Our 3D lenticular business cards can also be used to showcase multiple products. At TwenT3, we have mastered the art of designing amazing complimentary cards. We don’t just create ordinary cards, we design spectacular morph, zoom, flip, and 3D lenticular business cards. We want your business marketing and promotion tools to be unique, so we involve you all the way to ensure your business needs are matched perfectly. Our passion for producing business cards ensures the lenticular flip business cards you get from our lenticular printing services are not only unique but top-tier.

The effect of our lenticular printing services is long-lasting, and including it in your business cards will simply do the trick of establishing yourself as a brand to your customers. Stand out from the competition with 3D lenticular business cards! This technology is also a great idea if you are looking to revamp your business merchandise. Business cards are considered a way of identifying you and your brand in the world of business. While it can be as simple as a standard 2D complimentary card, you can now try something new and creative. For example, the technological advancements and the significance of virtual reality in our lives have made things exciting and effective, like the use of business cards with a lenticular finish. This is why lenticular printing services have become really important in business marketing. These unique business cards designs can benefit everyone from business owners to personal trainers and entrepreneurs. Just choose the image or images and information, and we will produce your desired product using our lenticular printing services. It can be a great resource for you, your business, and your clients together.