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March 24, 2022

Here’s Why You Need To Get 3D Fridge MagnetsIn 2022:

You probably took lots of awesome photos over the holiday season and want to keep those memories alive. Nothing works better than 3D fridge magnets. With our custom fridge magnets, instead of having those precious memories locked away somewhere in a drawer, you can have them prominently displayed on your refrigerator.

Taken lots of interesting photos over the holidays, during a social event or perhaps when taking a walk in the local amusement park? Those little niceties that we live through are positives we should wish to cherish. Why not make your own fridge magnets that can be used to display your precious moments! Our photo fridge magnets are also easily customized for that personal touch.

If you want people to remember something about your business, then present them with 3D fridge magnets. This simple and cost-effective item will assist them to mark your event, function, product or service easily. A refrigerator is used daily and a reminder placed on it with one of our fridge magnets gifts will not be forgotten easily.

Make sure that you will never again forget upcoming events involving your family members, friends, and colleagues. This can be done by marking them on your calendar using TwenT3's photo fridge magnets. When designing your customized fridge magnets, you can get as creative as you wish in terms of how you want to add in the details.

Never allow your memories to fade away or remain unseen, display them for all to see. Print your best photos or images and display them in 3D with our 3D fridge magnets for that spectacular effect. Glimpse the photos from various angles and enjoy the visual trickery on the eyes (one of the few times you would probably enjoy a trick being played on you!) These interesting fridge magnet gifts not only stick on the refrigerator but also add beauty to your kitchen or any place you have your refrigerator.

We have unique designs that are guaranteed to capture the attention of anybody visiting your home. Select your fridge magnets from our unique assembly and allow us to help you create your own awesome and unique fridge magnets by uploading your favorite photos, images or quotes. All our fridge magnets come ready for use!

Fridge magnets are items that can be used by everyone either for personal purposes or for getting the word out about your company, business, products, service, or brand or even just as a gift. Give your friends 3D fridge magnets when you want them to remember events, tradeshows, conferences, social functions, or as a sign of your friendship.

Whether you are requesting family members and friends to save an important date such as a wedding, promoting your business or furthering the cause of a non-profit organization, 3D fridge magnets come highly recommended. Photo fridge magnets are in fact more than mere fridge magnets. They are not only unique in design but they gain increased visibility making them perfect promotional materials for your campaigns.

When it comes to displaying your images and photos, 3D fridge magnets are very versatile. So why not try adding those favorite photos and images to your fridge door. That way, they stay close throughout. When you want your favorite pictures to remain a permanent fixture, you can use our 3D fridge magnets that come with a stand that works wonderfully when placed on top of the fridge, mantelpiece or bedside table.

If you are running your own company or are a freelancer, you will find fridge magnets very useful. Create your own fridge magnets and customize them with your brand logo, company name or marketing pitch and you can be certain that your business will remain in the minds of your customers for a long as they can see it. It is said that out of sight is out of mind but your case in the mind of your customers can be different with these fridge magnets.

Let all your contacts remember your forthcoming date by penciling it on their 3D fridge magnets that also come complete with a stand.  You can also promote your business or brand with our photo fridge magnets which can be handed out to your valued customers and guests at conferences or corporate events. One feature that makes this memorabilia stand head above others is the awesome fact that it can be used in both formal and informal settings. It sits pretty comfortable with the receiver no matter the circumstance.

Our 3D fridge magnets make ideal gifts that come complete with a unique stand for easy display. They stand the test of time and never get old. These items which might seem minute in the background of your fridge create a fuzzy warm feeling that has far reaching impact! Remind me again why you don’t have one or why you have not gifted one to a friend or family member yet?. Do yourself a favor and spark up someone's life with one today!