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May 30, 2023

Here’s why Customised Greeting Cards make the perfect gift

Some situations demand special action that cannot be conveyed by mere spoken words. Whether you are simply responding to some kind remarks or sending greetingsto a loved one or friend, our high-quality cardswhich are meticulously crafted in the UKare the modern and most effective way of doing that.

The kinds of emotions our items with a 3D, dynamic, and high-quality finish such as our custom greeting cards illicit, are ideal for expressing human joy, love, emotions, gratitude, admiration, and even humour. They allow you to connect with others who are dear to you on a truly emotional level. Sending these one-of-a-kind items allows you to express a vast variety of emotions and sentiments you have towards family, friends, employees, customers, business associates, and even strangers. A well-designed card can be used to convey your deepest feelings or used as an expression of genuine friendship. You can use customised cards for special occasions, to congratulate or thank someone. These unique items can be even customised to meet your specific needs or left totally blank inside for you to insert a special handwritten note with a personal touch. 

Demonstrate your sincerity and warmth to others with something very personal. Speak directly to their hearts with a personalised greeting card. As soon as you make your customised greeting cards choice from our gifts page, simply relax and wait for your amazing  greeting card to arrive. We only deliver the best! In this fast-paced world of instant social media, we still need some way of conveying personal feelings with something truly unique, other than a text or DM. While emails or text can be private, nothing can replace that special feeling that you get when you receive a customised gift from someone else.

These premium greeting cardscan be easily shopped for from the best lenticular printing company in UK (TwenT3). These unique products are very durable and versatile. They are much more than simple greeting cards; they are amazing and wonderful personal gifts that will be treasured by all.  Our personalised range of 3D-printed cards will be greatly appreciated by anyone who receives them. Heck, who wouldn’t like a custom card with their name or favourite picture on it? In life, nothing is more valuable than the power to make another person smile. And with personalised cards from TwenT3, you are bound to brighten someone’s day. All of our products are created using cutting-edge lenticular technology and are unlike anything else you’ve ever seen.

Wave goodbye to those boring greeting cards, or those generic and old school cardboard cards that everybody is using and say hello to the latest top-of-the-line products available – lenticular cards! These are sure to bring genuine smiles from your family members and friends alike! So, whether it's an anniversary, a birthday, or the annual holiday, our customised cards are sure to bring a lasting smile to their face, something that even the best-crafted e-mail would not illicit. Here at TwenT3, we can help you create a card for every occasion! 


Elegant Birthday Cards

Use our greeting cardswhich can be personalised as per you request, to have a dynamic flip lenticular finish, to wish your best friend a very happy birthday. Life is incomplete without good friends and family. Customised cards from TwenT3 are a great way to show your friends just how much you love and appreciate them. The awesomeness of these cards will perfectly illustrate the depth of your feelings for each and every one of your pals. The dynamic effects will add life and motion to your birthday cards, filling them with distinctive and realistic features. In addition, these high-quality items can be customised in any way you wish. Think about it, a personalised card with flip and 3D effects will definitely make your friend's birthday one they'll never forget.

Bespoke greeting cards from our rich collection have the power to hold attention with their sheer quality and class. We design premium cards in the UKthat are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression, and we deliver quality pieces that are not only cost-effective but also memorable. Your loved ones won't find anything like this anywhere else. Whatever the occasion, from birthdays and anniversaries to seasonal wishes, we have a wide variety of unique finishes that can be integrated into your cards to suit your needs. The perfect way to spice up any occasion or day is with a professionally made personalised birthday card from TwenT3!


Customised Anniversary Cards

TwenT3’s custom lenticular products are a warm and affectionate way to celebrate your marriage anniversary. These beautifully crafted greeting cards can also be used to celebrate the marriage anniversary of your friends, colleagues, or family members. These cards are surely going to lighten the mood of whomever you send them out to. Whether it’s their first anniversary or fiftieth anniversary, they will always be glad to hear or receive something special from you. And nothing has more impact than sending them a bespoke card to celebrate their special day. Their faces will light up with joy as they experience the marvel of your custom gift. Your cards will pop with brilliant colour and detail thanks to the expert rendering made possible by high-quality lenticular software.

The sparkling beauty of our greeting cards sets them apart from all other kinds of cards. And the best part is, you can easily request for them from TwenT3’s website online. The flip and 3D effects of the lenticular are not only visually remarkable but also have the unique capability of retaining a long-lasting impression on others. Everybody will wish to own one. A personalised lenticular card can light a spark in everyone's heart and make everyone feel more special to get something like this from you. Just try these exceptional cards out for yourself and you'll see the difference! Our custom cards can be made for any holiday, special event, or season. When it comes to personalisation, we are the go-to experts. Whoever receives your kind present either in the UK, or elsewhere, will always remember the extra work you put into finding and sending them special greeting cards.

When you're debating whether to send a generic e-card or a quick e-mail, ask yourself this question: which one is truly personal and conveys the specific type of message you want to send? The fact is that the sincerity that comes with customised greeting cards is unique and cannot possibly be expressed verbally.

Greeting cards sent to family members and friends allow one to keep in touch while reminding them that they are always on your mind. Whatever personal message you want to send, we are here for you with a broad range of unusual lenticular designs for you to pick yours from. To customise your greeting cards, visit our cards page and allow us to do the rest.