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March 05, 2018


It's important for you to realise that business cards are still widely used in today's corporate world and show no signs of disappearing any time soon. 

Your business cardis a representation of how much you value high-qualityprinting services, as well as the effect your marketing methods have on your customers. Even though it can seem the same as entering your details into someone's smartphone, there is a sensory distinction because it is something the recipient can hold in their hands and feel. 

Instead of staring at your name and number on a screen alongside dozens of other phone numbers, someone can look at a business card, where your information appears in a distinct font on a card with spectacular colours and on something that feels great to the touch. The physical nature of a business card gives it a far more personable quality. 

Making a strong first impression is always important, but it's especially critical in face-to-face conversations where business cards are commonly exchanged. Here at TwenT3, ourprinting services are affordable, allowing you to create abusiness card without having to put a strain on your wallet. Your fully personalised card would serve as the primary handout at events like conventions, trade shows, customer service workshops, and face-to-face interactions with clients. 

Building rapport with potential customers has always been and will continue to be the most effective means of closing sales. All leads can be converted to customers with enough time and effort spent on nurturing and fostering relationships; however, some take longer than others to create. Instead of opting for the easy route, go for the one with a personal touch. 

Top-tierprinting services, coupled with high-qualitybusiness cards, give you the freedom to get creative with your branding. You can promote yourself and your business through the use of striking visuals and graphics. In the end, it all comes down to your imagination. Create a visual identity for your brand with distinctive imagery, logos, and colours. A business card that provides a glimpse into your company's offerings and stands out from the crowd can do wonders for brand recognition. 

It's true that exchanging numbers via a mobile phone in the moment saves time and effort, but it lacks the human touch. When both people in a conversation are engrossed in their phones, neither one can learn anything about the other. Making direct eye contact with a customer is essential. Try striking up a conversation and seeing if you can develop it into more than just an acquaintanceship. The client's memory of both you and your company will be kept alive in this way. You can always tell them to save your contact information from your business card on their phone for later.  

It is a common misconception among business owners that buying a large quantity of business cards will break the bank. But this is not the case. While the fancier options may initially cost more, they ultimately pay for themselves through increased customer traffic. 

As a matter of fact, business cards are one of the few promotional and sales tools available at such a low cost without sacrificing quality. Do you run a firm that requires high-end products and services, and consequently, high-end business cards?Business cards with an animatedlenticular effect displaying your company's name and contact information are the epitome of class. These high-quality calling cards can convey any message you like without draining your funds in the process. 

Some say business cards are useless because recipients just throw them away, but such folks are the ones who aren't making the most of them. They go to networking gatherings, engage in idle chatter, hand out their business cards, and then leave, thinking their job is done. That's not the best way to use a calling card. 

If you want to get the most out of your business card distribution efforts, you need to study where and when to hand them out as well as how to recognise the right people to network with. Individuals are more likely to keep your business card if you strike up interesting conversations with them and network with the correct people. 

Here at TwenT3, ourbusiness cards are designed using lenticular technology in such a way that they are guaranteed to make an unforgettable first impression.Visit our website today for additional information on how to create a business card that is right for you. Having realised how useful business cards can be, you should reach out and start the process of personalising your company's cards right away!