< 3d Lenticular Business Card

April 12, 2023

How to promote your brand with our lenticular business cards.

Business cards are a super affordable way to promote your brand and boost your business. This old-school method works effectively to market your company and build its identity. Yet, many big corporates and small businesses underestimate its potential marketing impact. Business cards create an impression of your business and help people remember you later on. TwenT3 realizes the importance of marketing your business through this cost-effective method. You can rely on us to provide cards that are best designed to advertise your business and leave a lasting impression on your clients. Business cards are also an amazing way to do personal branding. Besides businesses, people can use these cards when they are seeking jobs, hustling as a freelancer, or building their network. Personal business cards give a professional impression, and people are more likely to take you seriously when you hand over a well-designed business card. This little gesture might seem small, but it makes a big difference. Since business cards help build the identity of your brand, it is necessary to put effort into making them professional, attractive, and useful. TwenT3 allows you to design business cards that are unique and eye-catching. A business card says a lot about you. The words written on it are few, but the entire image of the card carries a message about your brand. Just like a picture says a thousand words, a business card says more than just what is written on it. TwenT3 helps you design cards that are innovative and sure to give a good first impression.

The Internet has dramatically changed our lives, and our modes of communication have changed drastically. New ways of marketing have been introduced, and one might wonder, are business cards still relevant? Though social media has changed the way businesses market themselves, the age-old method of business cards is still very relevant. They are one of the best offline marketing tools. The reason people still use them is that they still work. Business cards will continue to be relevant because they are pretty much irreplaceable. However, with time, technologies have improved, and business cards need to be innovative and different. Now people can involve a lot more creativity in their cards to make them stand out. TwenT3 gives you the chance to design unique and creative lenticular business cards. Though SEO, social media, and other online marketing tools are the preferred marketing strategies of brands yet business cards retain their significance. They add a personal touch and help build the much-needed relationship with your clients. They are easy to carry, and in many cultures, business cards are treated with a lot of respect. Do not stuff the card with too much information as the purpose of giving it is to make a good and professional impression, so people contact you in the future. Keep it concise and to the point, but do not forget to add all the necessary contact information. Make sure the font is easy to read. Add the logo of your brand, so it stays in the visual memory of your clients. Make use of the wide variety of creative features available at TwenT3 to make your business cards special and distinctive.

The best thing about business cards is their affordability. Their cost-effectiveness makes it useful not only for big corporate companies but also for small businesses and individuals aiming to find jobs as well as freelancing work. You can get them printed in bulk quantities at economical prices. At TwenT3, you can choose the quantity anywhere from 100 to 3000. Whenever an important meeting or event comes, you can increase the number of your lenticular cards, so you have enough to distribute. Events are one of the best times to distribute business cards. Always keep them ready, so you never miss a potential client. If you are struggling to design appropriate business cards for your brand and are afraid to get them printed in bulk quantities, then we have got you covered. We allow our customers to design a business card and get it printed as a sample. You can see how it looks and make any improvements or desired changes before you get them printed in bulk quantities.

Though giving business cards is an age-old marketing strategy, with time, their quality has improved, and their designs have become more attractive. When designing a business card, try to make it as eye-catching as possible. TwenT3 gives you so many amazing features to add creativity and innovation to your cards. You can add animation effects, zoom effects, two-image flip, and 3D effects to your lenticular business cards. You can also get mini cards, stereoscopic, and layered 3D lenticular cards from us. There is hardly any other company in the UK that gives so many options to its customers while designing business cards. The quality of a business card matters a lot. Make sure to keep them in a cardholder, so they are not torn or wrinkled when you present them to a potential client. TwenT3's cards are durable and robust, so you do not have to compromise on the quality. High-quality and well-designed business cards do require more effort and money, but they are worth it. Most people are likely to throw away the cards if they are substandard and not professional looking. We realize the importance of making cards that are not only professional but also creatively designed, so people are not tempted to throw them away.They are sure to give you a competitive edge in the business world.

We strive to be an ethical business and aim to produce sustainable products. With the rise in climate change, we have made an effort to use an eco-friendly lenticular lens in our business cards. This is what makes TwenT3’s products so special and unique. So rely on us to get personalised lenticular business cards that will grab the attention of your clients and make your brand more identifiable. These little cards are sure to make a big difference by increasing the visibility of your brand.