< Greeting Card with Flip Effect

June 09, 2020

Lenticular greeting cards create fascinating and exquisite greeting cards for your loved ones for all occasions including birthday, wedding, or any other celebrated occasion. It makes your loved one’s big day more special! Lenticular printing enables you to create a memorable keepsake card for your special day. These greeting cards are processed using a special 40 Lpi or 75 LPI lens which is eco-friendly. These cards have a lenticular 3D effect which is the most visually appealing effect achieved by layering photos under the lenticular lens which produces a beautiful and attractive merging of different images with depth and movement, also known as lenticular flip as the change of message depends upon the viewing angle of the recipient.

 With flip effect, one of the specifications of the lenticular printing allows the incorporation of multiple images on the card and produces an exceptionally breathtaking and magical effect by changing the viewing angle therefore it provides more capacity for the displaying of different messages due to changing of images. The lenticular images created in lenticular greeting cards never fail to grab the attention of your loved ones. The specialty of lenticular imagery is what distinguishes it from other greeting cards and makes your card stand out by its appealing looks!