< Personalised Gifts - 3D Lenticular

June 28, 2023

Personalized photo giftsare a way to show affection and when looking for a present for our loved ones, we search for the most relatable things to buy and nothing revives our memories more than unique gift ideas. The items TwenT3 offers will always remain valuable photo gift ideas. If you're thinking about buying unique personalized gifts then look no further. TwenT3 provides its customers, lenticular image products that are not only affordable but also eco-friendly because a 75LPI lens is used.

On the other hand, lenticular personalized photo gifts allow you to select two images including the advantage of saving you space. The lenticular image technology consists of a flip effect that exhibits two different images and a 3D effect which presents an in-depth image, giving a nostalgic sense to your beautiful memories with people that matter to you the most. The lenticular flip photo gift image is based on graphic effects, which makes the image move or look different when it is tilted. What's not to like in personalized photo gifts made by our lenticular 3D technology process, delivered in various products such as key-rings, iPhone covers, and last but not the least a fridge magnet and stand - classic isn't it.