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April 03, 2023

These creative 3D Greeting Cards are the next big thing: Here’s why 

At TwenT3, we know for sure that customised greeting cards with a 3Deffect are extremely thoughtful ways of sharing your special moments and celebrations with friends and family throughout the year. That's why we have on offer a broad range of uniquely designed greeting cards that cannot be found elsewhere. After all, customised greeting cards are a genuine expression of your personal thoughtfulness and not a sales piece, which could somehow cheapen the desired overall effect. Whatever the occasion, person or season, you are sure to find something appropriate from the amazing collection at TwenT3.

Are you keen on getting that WOW factor from family and friends? You got it: customised greeting cards with a one-of-a-kind lenticular design. These unique cards that have been designed to give an amazing illusion of motion and depth are going to leave everyone totally speechless. You are one in a million, and therefore your greeting cards should also be special! Here at TwenT3, we take your memorable images and turn them into stunningly beautiful displays. A simple tilt would reveal the card’s brilliant craftsmanship.

Many people today still consider the greeting card to be one of the most effective ways of showing someone that you really care. Customised greeting cards with a lenticularfinish are particularly touching as they can also be sent to show appreciation or hold congratulatory messages. If you are seeking any of these, we have plenty of personalised greeting cards from which you can make your selection. Our personalised greeting card collection is vast, and you’re sure to find something that will brighten someone’s day. Our unusual greeting cards are certain to bring cheer to the receiver thanks to the quality printing we bring to the table.

Our daily lives are packed with celebrations and momentous occasions with loved ones and friends. Most of these special moments demand that we send special greetings. Whether it’s a birthday, seasonal or holiday greeting, the experts at TwenT3 are always one call away from designing an amazing gift you can share with everyone you care about. From beautifully designed 3D Christmas cards to simple "thinking of you" cards, we have just what you need! TwenT3 is not just concerned about delivering your special greetings to loved ones and friends, but we ensure that it is done in style. Simply go to our cards page and choose your favourite, and we'll make sure your card recipients never forget your thoughtful gesture.

If you need to inspire a family member, friend, or business colleague, look no further! Our collection of customised greeting cards should be your starting point. The original and detailed cards we design at TwenT3 are perfect for any person, occasion, or season. Our bespoke greeting cards are so unique that those receiving them will not only cherish them for many years, but they will also make them feel special, truly loved and cared for by you. Our loved ones mean a lot in our lives, and it makes so much more sense to have them around throughout your life. Give them a personalised card as it will be a powerful indication that you are nothing without your loved ones and you need them in every aspect of your life.

With today’s busy lifestyles, it is not very easy to keep in touch with family members and friends. However, there is actually no good reason why you can’t do that easily with high-quality greeting cards from TwenT3. Remember to regularly touch base with those you love with our greeting cards that clearly show you love them and care. Let us help you to create your own personalised greeting cards and bring a genuine smile to the faces of your family and friends.

Cards that are well-designed with a 3Dfinish are an excellent way of demonstrating that you do care and wish the best for your customers. Take advantage of these unusual greeting cards to build long-term customer loyalty. We even involve you in the customisation process to ensure you achieve your desired outcomes. There is no shame in sending business clients personalised greeting cards to show your appreciation, and doing so can really help you attract new clients and leave a lasting impression. There's also no harm in including a call to action in your personalised greeting cards to encourage customers to buy from you.

Although they are highly effective, often, greeting cards with a 3D effect get overlooked when most people are developing their print marketing strategies and plans. These types of greeting cards, in particular, have the potential to achieve more than any other type of marketing material in terms of establishing and firmly securing long-term business relationships. You could, for example, send personalised greeting cards from our top-notch collection to your customers who have reached a business or sales milestone or to an account manager who has reached a personal milestone. Going that extra mile has the potential to pay huge dividends in terms of customer retention and employee loyalty.

Why should you settle for the standard greeting cards when it’s possible to have your own spectacular greeting cards with a stunning lenticulardisplay? They are not only effective for your marketing campaign, but also for increasing brand awareness. In particular, customised greeting cards are excellent when you want to market your business to potential new clients. On a personal level, you can brighten any season with dazzling greeting cards that are capable of capturing the happiness and good cheer of any holiday season. What an impressive and unique way of showing that you care.

In particular, greeting cards brilliantly crafted using lenticular technology can be an effective way of demonstrating your company’s appreciation. If you want to become a little craftier, why not think of sending a small gift package with the greeting card? Using bespoke greeting cards as a marketing tool requires effort and time, but the reward for your business is certainly well worth it. While it’s a good idea to send customised greeting cards to your regular customers during important holiday seasons like Christmas or New Years, your cards will have more meaning when you send them to commemorate a specific event in the lives of individual customers.