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February 06, 2018


A business card is still one of the most important parts of branding, even in this digital age. Abusiness card with a high-qualitylenticular display, for instance, serves as a constant visual reminder of your company and what it stands for. It's the first step in getting your name out there and attracting new customers. These calling cards are such a vital part of any advertising strategy, and that is why having them professionally designed and printed is a must. 

Business cards are a physical representation of your brand that you can hand out to potential clients. Your card's effectiveness will be directly proportional to the time and thought you put into its design and content. 


High-quality printing equals brand longevity 

We may be living in the digital era, but nothing is more annoying than intrusive pop-up advertisements when you're trying to do some research or try to enjoy some content online. Many people today suffer from "banner blindness" because they have become desensitised to the constant stream of advertisements they encounter when using the internet. There are so many of these commercials popping up everywhere that it's hard to keep track of them. 

Your company must, of course, have an online presence. However, it's also vital that you make some sort of tangible connection with your target audience. Here's where havingbusiness cards and other advertising materials with apersonaliseddisplay comes in handy. You can never underestimate the power of a great first impression. Always having a unique card at hand gives off an air of professionalism and demonstrates that you took the time to prepare for the encounter. Business cards in a sleek case are a sure-fire way to leave a lasting impression wherever you go. Not having a card ready to hand out sends the wrong message. 

While the standard calling card could be just as effective, for your important networking events, yourbusiness cards need to have apersonalised feel that sparks the recipient's interest. Whether it is a trade show, a conference, or that random encounter at the grocery store with a prospect, you will make a bigger impact when you present a customised calling card. Business cards, for example, require "real estate." In other words, they require a place to be kept (be it a wallet, card holder, or on a desk). and it will remain there for months. The card will be picked up repeatedly, ensuring that your company's information is consumed on a regular basis. 

Realising the need for a high-quality designer and printer for your advertising needs is crucial to the success of your company. Your business cardmust be perfect andpersonalised in such a way that it immediately grabs the attention of whoever comes across it. And this involves integrating a variety of design components, such as colour, fonts, and so on, to generate a breath-taking effect. Working with skilled designers such as the experts at TwenT3 will yield results that set you apart from the competition. 

To maximise the effectiveness of this tangible marketing tool, you should give careful consideration to the card's overall design, from the choice of colours to the quality of the material used. And this is why it's best to get a card printed using lenticular technology. The physical properties of your call card convey important information about your company even before the card is looked at. The quality of the material is immediately apparent, thereby revealing something about your company. The design must define your brand while also successfully communicating your brand message. 


TwenT3: Branding and Printing Specialists  

Networking is an essential skill, and business cards are one of the best ways to introduce yourself to new people. With only a little bit of thumb-to-thumb action, you can make a lasting impression, paint a picture, and present your organisation in a distinct, professional light. Are you looking to create a one-of-a-kind calling card? It's crucial that you partner with a branding agency and printing firm with a great deal of expertise in creating truly sensational products. The cards you create with our assistance will have people calling you in no time! 

Don't waste time trying to print your ownbusiness cards; instead, have them handled by reputablelenticular printing specialists. The quality of the print is very important to the success of your card as a whole. 

From the very first encounter, our unique business cards are designed in such a way that they are guaranteed to make an impact instantly. And it doesn’t matter what line of business you're in; our products can be customised to match any business activity, career, or profession. 

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