< 3D Lenticular Business Card Printing service

February 07, 2018

Let’s say you’ve just launched a new business. Now is the time to let people know about your products and services. A mailing list and social media posts can help, but nothing beats the good old-fashioned method of advertising. Speaking of old-fashioned, this is why you should invest in high-quality business cards made withlenticular technology right away.  

You can produce a lot of them for a reasonable price. This makes them ideal for promoting your business and making a positive first impression on potential customers. What's the best part about handing out calling cards? They haven't gone out of style yet and won't anytime soon! 

Approximately 27 million business cards are printed around the world every single day. That's equivalent to almost 10 billion cards being distributed annually. However, you may be wondering if business cards are still useful in today's digital age. Yes, there are! And the best part is, you don't need to be a multinational corporation to benefit from having your own custom-made card. Let’s take a look at why you need to invest in these unique items today.  

Business cards are invaluable  

Imagine yourself at a busy corporate function where you immediately hit it off with someone. After a pleasant conversation, the departing party expresses, "It's been really lovely chatting with you!" Would you mind if I asked for your business card? 

You'd look totally unprofessional if you had to fumble around for a scrap of paper and a pen to jot down your contact information. In any other case, they'd have to pull out their phone and manually enter your details, which is both inconvenient and time-consuming for everyone involved. However, what if they fail to remember your name? Where do they get your number to call you? 

It's much easier to end a conversation on a positive note if you have abusiness card made using one-of-a kind3D lenticular printing to present to the other person. Now we'll look at some important reasons to have a customised call card. 


It shows how professional you are  

Thanks to lenticular printing, you can now hand out uniquebusiness cards to possible clients at an event. And this simple gesture makes you look more put-together and professional. You shouldn't have to fumble around for a pen and paper or, even worse, ask a potential customer if they have one when giving them your contact details. To say the least, it makes you appear unprepared. Some people store their business cards digitally on their phones, but imagine doing that constantly over a long day at a trade event. What happens when your phone's battery runs out? Once again, you'd look unprepared and not at all ready.  

Having a bespoke calling card shows that you know how to network effectively. It shows that this isn't your first rodeo and that you or your firm cared enough to create something for this very purpose so as not to waste people's time. This is a professional move that shows you care about their time and want to get things done quickly and efficiently. In addition, it shows that you care about your company's public persona and branding. Surely, the information printed on a call card goes beyond the basics like an email address and contact number. It also includes logos, pictures, and other graphics. All of these factors contribute to the overall impression people have of you and your company. 


Having a custom card will help you stand out 

Creating a one-of-a-kindbusiness cardis now a breeze thanks to 3D printing usinglenticular technology. You can avoid having a calling card that looks like someone else's by selecting from a wide variety of images or colours. When it comes to lenticular printing, the customisation options at your disposal are limitless. A well-designed card conveys more than just your contact details; it also reflects your personality and sense of style. Having a business card that stands out from the crowd will encourage people to glance at it more than once and possibly even ask you about it. In addition to being a fantastic way to start and finish conversations, it also becomes a topic of discussion. 

Business cards with a brilliantlenticular finish are probably the most effective way to share your contact and business information. The long-established tradition of exchanging cards at corporate gatherings and networking events is known to help establish more solid relationships between business people. Customers can also contact you more quickly when they have your calling card on hand. 

The calling cards designed by the experts at TwenT3 are not just eye-catching; they are handy networking tools that are easy to carry around. Compared to standard cards, these 3D cards are more durable and can be used to display your different products and services. So, are you ready to create a truly remarkable first impression today? Get in touch with us or browse our collections for more details.