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February 21, 2019

Are you looking forward to having a business card which is a very important instrument that enables people to identify your business during exchanges? The “zoom” lenticular business card is great for your logo and brand appreciation. The “3d effect” lenticular business card as the name implies and is a card just like the Zoom card but comes with an uncommon 3d effect that captivates your customers.

Then we also have the “2 image flip” lenticular business card which is a card with a great feature that helps optimize the marketing of your business, enabling you to enjoy a tremendous coverage of your business by permitting you to benefit from the 3 in one branding with 2 images on the front and provision of information at the back, customers will know exactly what your products are and great for maximum exposure, and finally the “Animation lenticular business card” which is a type of card that demonstrates animation effect within one card utilizing up to 12 frames of animation display. Your business and its brands are well taken care of. Choose the lenticular business card that is befitting for your business.