< Wholesale Customized 3d Lenticular Printing Business Card

February 28, 2019

The corporate world of business is incomplete without a lenticular business card. The lenticular business cards are of various types and designs that perfectly fit your corporate business; we have the animation, zoom, 3d effect and the image flip. You can choose any of these 3d business cardsand it will wow and also entice your clients and customers to always revere your business and you will continue to enjoy constant support by those who want your services. The lenticular business card is indispensable in the corporate world of business, because cards are great marketing tools that represent your business, promoting and connecting with new clientele.

Check out our various lines of lenticular business cards and use the best corporate images that is best for your company or business organization. We have the zoom lenticular business card which is great for logo and brand recognition, the 3D business card is similar to zoom but with a 3d effect as an added advantage, the animation lenticular business card type which helps to showcase animation, then you can do it within the one card using up to 12 frames of animation. The two image flip lenticular business cardhelps maximize your marketing and get more potential exposure as this card is 3 in one with 2 images on the front and information at the back.