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June 23, 2020

Lenticular business cards are a unique style of business card with the finest combination of astounding illusion, depth, and motion. Business cards reflect your company and product hence; if you choose to use them then they can help the future of your business. They have the power to grab the attention of your clients by leaving an everlasting impact on them. Irrespective of the industry you belong to, lenticular 3D printing makes your business cards stand out from the rest by giving a killer first impression.

 Being an integral tool for doing a successful business, your business cards should be so attractive that at first glance it fires a way to catch customer's and prospect's attention. Using a special lenticular printing process with 3d effect or flip effect, images are added in a vertical or horizontal direction enabling expansion of space opportunities for your message. Using a lenticular lens, they are designed in such a way that when tilted down or up or left and right they provide a movement of illusion or a new image by switching from one color contrast to another. The lenticular imagery produced is blended and morphed into one another. The backside of the card is also printed up to full color or black and white. This incredible innovation draws in a crowd by making business card designs more eye-catching.