< Most Beautiful Greeting Cards & 3D Cards

June 18, 2020

3D greeting cards are the best way to convey your deepest sentiments to your loved ones. The lenticular printing technology gives you such an amazing result using the lenticular images with depth in each picture. The flip effect makes the greeting cards look so elegant that anyone can fall in love with them. 3D lenticular greeting cards are the greatest among greeting card ideas as it will give you an awesome image changing look when you tilt it or hold the image from different angles. The lenticular 3D flip effect creates two different images on the greeting card surface.

Lenticular flip is a revolution in picture printing since it makes it look amazing and captivates the sights of whoever gets to see them. Lenticular imagery will make the lenticular 3D greeting cardstand out from the ordinary-looking greeting cards and will bring forth such a beautiful flip look that will enchant the imaginations of your loved ones. If you are looking for amazingly awesome greeting card ideas in the way of 3D greeting cards, then we have got the right ones for you thanks to the ability to add lenticular printing to your 3D greeting cards. The 3D effect will keep the greeting card fresh in their memories and will create an unforgettable impact in their mind thanks to TwenT3’s lenticular printing process.