Lenticular fridge magnetsby TwenT3 can be used in two ways effectively. You can firstly use fridge magnets using the stand to adorn your fridge and to display the photo within the magnet with the help of stand attached. Secondly, you can equip it directly to your fridge, dress it with all your fridge magnets. 3D fridge magnets are used to attach or fasten loads of things on the fridge. Our lenticular fridge magnets can be used in every house, but 3d magnets can also be used as impressive keepsake gifts as they a not merely magnets but mini gifts as well. We provide personalised lenticular fridge magnets that can display your desired images, text or photos reflecting your taste in a highly personalized manner.

Personalized with a flip effect it makes them attention-seeking and very appealing. TwenT3’s custom fridge magnetsdisplay two completely different images and liven the image on a flat surface with the help of lenticular effect utilizing 75 LPI lens. Our eco-friendly 75 LPI lens is an industry-standard lens and it is environmentally safe. Moreover, this product is inexpensive besides being eco-friendly. 3d fridge magnets are suitable for every occasion or simply as a gift for you or someone else. Photo fridge magnets can be used as a gift on birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and on any other special occasion.